• 429 GC Am Attersee 429 GC Am Attersee

    NAHE AM WASSER GEBAUT – Der Name täuscht: Von den 18 Löchern führt keines direkt am Ufer entlang. Dafür gibt es eine fabelhafte Aussicht auf den See und das dahinter liegende Höllengebirge.

  • 409 GC Böhmerwald 409 GC Böhmerwald

    CORNER TO CUDDLE – In the north-western corner, where the Mühlviertel meets with Bavaria and Czech, we find an ideal cleaner of our daily stress and sorrows.

  • 410 GC Herzog Tassilo 410 GC Herzog Tassilo

    LEAD US INTO TEMPTATION – Fascinating panorama wherever you look and fairways that stay in mind: for example, the ditch straight behind the first tee, or the second Green, which can be attacked with a wedge after a mediocre well ...

  • 413 GC Mühlviertel St. Oswald-Freistadt 413 GC Mühlviertel St. Oswald-Freistadt

    THE NINETEENTH CAVE – The new centre of the golf course is half above and half inside the earth - a club house, designed by brave architects, without beginning or end.

  • 418 GC Schärding 418 GC Schärding

    FROM GENTLE TO HARD – The Celtic mystical people knew exactly, that their trees were sensitive beings and that they are blessed with different attributes.

  • 422 GC Sterngartl 422 GC Sterngartl

    HAPPY TO BE CLOSE TO THE STARS – Good putters think the ball into the hole. Therefore you need self confidence, good imagination and, of course, a passable technique.

  • 426 Golf Regau Attersee-Traunsee 426 Golf Regau Attersee-Traunsee

    I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE – Since our first visit to GC Attersee-Traunsee one year has passed by and I have to admit: I matured by 12 months.

  • 419 GC Über den Dächern von Passau 419 GC Über den Dächern von Passau

    GOLF INCLUDING SIGHTSEEING TOUR – In Freinberg you can not only play above one of the most beautiful cities on earth, but as well on a difficult, but very attractive course, in regards to its landscape, directly above the roofs of ...

  • 401 GC Salzkammergut 401 GC Salzkammergut

    FROM CHICKEN TO THE BIRDIE – Wine gets better with age. Regarding golf courses, there is no difference. Year 1933 tells: a really rare vintage in Austria.

  • 402 GC Linz 402 GC Linz

    TILLYSBURGER RECONSTRUCTION – GC Linz-St. Florian is one of the most traditional golf clubs in Austria and has been a benchmark in the local golf scene.

  • 403 GC Wels 403 GC Wels

    GOLF AT THE HEATH – Founded in 1981, when golfers could already imagine the future as mass sport, the club started off small and grew steadily.

  • 421 GC Stärk-Linz-Ansfelden 421 GC Stärk-Linz-Ansfelden

    Golf course with thoughtfulness – Gerhard Stärk is not an unknown person. As master builder he has built more than 25 golf courses. Since 1990 he has owned a golf course himself.

  • 511 Golfpark Gut Kaltenhausen 511 Golfpark Gut Kaltenhausen

    COMFORT AND SPORTING SPIRIT – The 10 years anniversary was celebrated with a tournament. The festivities proved how nice it is here to golf and celebrate.

  • 425 Golf Club Bergergut 425 Golf Club Bergergut

    A TOUCH OF AUGUSTA – 15 years ago, Günther Obermayr started his project of the PGC Kremstal in Kematen. The extension of the facility explains the change of the name.

  • 405 GC Maria Theresia 405 GC Maria Theresia

    SKI-JUMP GO! – GC Maria Theresia in Haag on Hausruck offers all elements that are loved by golfers.

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