• 604 GC Loipersdorf 604 GC Loipersdorf

    COLD-HOT WATERGAMES – Highest quality and best caring standard on 27 holes over the whole season – and the season is long – from March until December.

  • 608 GC Schloss Frauenthal 608 GC Schloss Frauenthal

    RECONSTRUCTION AND ANNEX – While one adds new courses to attract attention, the other one uses corrections of the same - like Schloss Frauenthal for example.

  • 616 GC Liebenau 616 GC Liebenau

    CLUB FOR BEGINNERS – Since 1993 there has been the Golf Range Liebenau near Graz. Many styrian golfers made their first contact with golfing there.

  • 620 GC Bad Waltersdorf 620 GC Bad Waltersdorf

    NUMBER 8 IS STILL ALIVE! – “Take your best drives with you and you will have lots of fun”, Mag. Klaus Geyrhofer, highest manager of the Murhof-group lures.

  • 615 GC Ausseerland 615 GC Ausseerland

    PROMISING – Here is straight away the „all clear“ for all fans of the Wasnerin, the former club house of the GC Ausseerland: The distinctive landmark of the club stays alive despite the massive annex of the new Falkensteiner ...

  • 611 G&CC Reiting-Gai 611 G&CC Reiting-Gai

    MYSTERY SOLVED – An insider’s tip is only secret as long as it is not told in a magazine or newspaper.

  • 624 GC Mariahof 624 GC Mariahof

    ABSOLUTE BAHNSINNSGOLF – Station Mariahof at the southern railway line of the Austrian Railway company is not only the highest station in Austria (only regional trains stop here, timetables under www.oebb.at), but also the only one ...

  • 605 GC Bad Gleichenberg 605 GC Bad Gleichenberg

    SMALL BUT FINE – Bad Gleichenberg remarkably destroys the prejudice, that 9-hole courses can’t be attractive.

  • 606 GC Schladming 606 GC Schladming

    BERNHARD’S EYECATCHER – One thing, that doesn’t matter to green fee players: hard winters, a short playing season, a flood, that destroyed everything some years ago.

  • 619 GC Puntigam 619 GC Puntigam

    GOLF WITHIN 4 MONTHS – The opening of the first public golf facility City-golf Graz-Puntigam, situated at the borderline of Graz, was a big success.

  • 614 GC Murtal 614 GC Murtal

    GREEN AHOI! – The first version of the GC Murtal was made by a man from Linz – Gerhard Stärk. Afterwards Jeff Howes took care of the course and changed it a lot.

  • 618 GC Almenland 618 GC Almenland

    INDECENT PROPOSAL – Pinned at the wall board, an almost indecent proposal lures in big letters: “Play with the Pro – free of charge”

  • 621 GC Graz-Andritz 621 GC Graz-Andritz

    FINALLY TIDY – After the reconstruction of the course in 2005, the facility close to the city fulfils the criteria for a commendable course.

  • 612 GC St. Lorenzen 612 GC St. Lorenzen

    LOW PRICE, BUT NOT "CHEAP" – Here, you don’t play golf, because it is trendy, but because you love doing it.

  • 601 GC Murhof 601 GC Murhof

    Park Dreamland – The styrian GC Murhof lays on an island (developed from the river Mur and an adjoining channel) and it is one as well.

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