• 317 Golf Eldorado 317 Golf Eldorado

    TREASURE IN GREEN – On the half way between Vienna and Graz, the Golf Eldorado "Bucklige Welt" serves as a tranquil oasis, where stress has no chance.

  • 347 GC Weinviertel 347 GC Weinviertel

    OVER THE BORDER – As of this year the holiday region Weinviertel is offering golfers a new golf attraction; in Laa an der Thaya, directly on the state border now stands an extensive and transboundary golf course.

  • 346 GC Neulengbach 346 GC Neulengbach

    GOLF AT THE VILLA – Since the beginning of the 2012 Season on the grounds of the Villa Bergring, about four kilometers northwest of the town centre of Neulengbach people have golfed.

  • 304 GC Amstetten 304 GC Amstetten

    PEAR BLOSSOMS – When the weekend comes closer, the Viennese and people of Linz are looking for a course within short distance, only one hour away from the city border.

  • 307 GC Schönborn 307 GC Schönborn

    RENDEZVOUS IN THE PARK – Golf in royal ambience just half an hour car ride away from the city – the Parkland-Course in Schönborn charms with baroque style.

  • 336 GC Frühling 336 GC Frühling

    SPRING, DAY AND NIGHT – I thought that feng shui is a thing for housing architecture – just until I was put right at the 13th hole of GC Frühling.

  • 335 GC Breitenfurt 335 GC Breitenfurt

    REPAIRING ALLOWED – Too little space? The design brothers Gerold and Gunther Hauser didn’t let this excuse count, when they got to grips with the GC Breitenfurt.

  • 311 GC Waldviertel-Haugschlag 311 GC Waldviertel-Haugschlag

    INGENIOUS – It is a nice and exciting story, how today’s golf resort Haugschlag could establish golf in Waldviertel.

  • 318 GC Leopoldsdorf 318 GC Leopoldsdorf

    OUR DAILY GOLF – The bright-blue screen of my computer fights with the „Indian summer look alike“sky for my attention…

  • 312 GC Brunn 312 GC Brunn

    FEAR EATS UP SCORE – If Brian O’Donovan knows the piece of work „Fear eats up soul“from 1974, I first question myself and then him.

  • 305 GC Hainburg 305 GC Hainburg

    PRESIDENT AND CLUBMASTER – The historical facts of the 17th Austrian golf course are well known, but we still give you a little brush-up.

  • 340 GC St. Pölten 340 GC St. Pölten

    EVERYTHING NEW ARROUND THE CASTLE – The first act starts with a smooth birth: A bank plays midwife in 1988 and gives birth to the 65 hectare big area, which belongs to the aristocratic family of Auersperg.

  • 302 GC Föhrenwald 302 GC Föhrenwald

    THE RAINBOWMAN – You cannot believe what we were told in regards to rich fairways and Greens during the last few years. On this dry soil? Never-ever!

  • 306 GC Wienerwald 306 GC Wienerwald

    PART OF THE WHOLE – In 2008 GC Wienerwald was taken over by the Murhof group and skillfully redesignt. Romantically situated the middle of the woods it's a 9 hole course with only nature arround you.

  • 303 GC Enzesfeld 303 GC Enzesfeld

    IT'S ALWAYS SEASON FOR THE BALL – Only 35 car-minutes away from Vienna’s centre, recreation, natural experience and golf sport are perfectly combined.

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