• 104 Öko Golf Neusiedler Csarda 104 Öko Golf Neusiedler Csarda

    RUSTIC LAKE – A somewhat different golf course is to be found at Csarda, right near the town centre of Neusiedl.

  • 101 GC Donnerskirchen 101 GC Donnerskirchen

    12 MONTHS OF SUMMER(-GREEN) – The memory of a golfer is as short lived as a donated putt. So, to recap: Donnerskirchen was not only one of the favorite tournament courses in Austria, he is still a meadow with lots of character.

  • 103 GC Golfschaukel 103 GC Golfschaukel

    50 GENTLE HOLES – Get off the highway and into southern Burgenland: the traveler immerses into an enchanting landscape, which persistently refuses to look like other holiday resorts.

  • 102 GC Bad Tatzmannsdorf 102 GC Bad Tatzmannsdorf

    A PLACE IN THE SUN – With powerful breathes of air you are plowing through the lush pool area and you reflect on the miss of one or another putt.