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DISCREET SWEAT OF THE TOPOGRAPHY – GC Bludenz-Braz started off as 9-hole-course. Then it was extended to 12 holes, because the properties’ space didn’t allow more.



(from GR 7/2005)

Everybody knew that this version was just a matter of time and finally in 2004 it was done: The club was able to get the necessary additional areas for the extension. Designer of the course, Kurt Rossknecht (the German also planned the Golfpark Bregenzerwald) started the massive reconstruction – only 2 holes stayed untouched – and now the 18-hole-round has been opened.

That happened including a perfect technical foundation as per manager Bernhard Stürz:” There is enough rain here, but the irrigation plants of the fairways were very necessary for the equal growth of the grass.” And also including a perfect infrastructure from the driving range to the caddie room. But they are not fully finished yet, Stürz says: 48 acres of total land need certain compactness. There is a unused island of meadow in the middle of the course, three acres large, which can be rented by the club during the run of the coming years.
Then, Stürz says, Rossknecht could extend the tight fairways 13/14/15, which would enhance the standard (to Par 70) and the total length. However, mentioned compactness isn’t a problem at all on the round. At least not as you play: With a bit of care taking and a loud “fore!” the priority rules are handled amicably. And also not as far as impression is concerned: We don’t know any golf course that is situated so concentrated in front of the club house and terrace. Bernhard Stürz says it drastically:” You will hardly find a course, where you can dive into the game of golf and forget your daily sorrows.”


So: Into the course
A short Par 4 to start off with, ideal to warm up, designed as a slight right dogleg. The Green is nice and beautifully big, like almost every Green in Braz: Waves, humps and different levels make it interesting to putt – only on rare occasions it is flat, like at Green 7 and 11 – but Kurt Rossknecht never designed the breaks nastily. With one exception: Green 6 breaks to the right into the valley, watched from the fairway, which makes it harder to slice while approaching.

BludenzNEU5The surrounding of the Green number 1 gives of foretaste of what Rossknecht appreciates: slopes and valleys ask for a serious short play. There is not a lot of bunkers, though: There is only 20 bunkers, seven fairways are without any sand. We continue: Hole number 2 is a left dogleg with its Green behind a shelter. Then the first Par 3, the short third hole, with a blind hit to the pin. Hole 4 leads up the hill as a typical alpine uphill right dogleg. Now comes the first highlight: From the fifth tee (Par 3, 146 to 190 metres) you can enjoy a fantastic view to the valley into the direction of the club house. Don’t get over excited: To the left of the Green, a crystal clear pond is lurking.

The most difficult hole follows – an uphill Par 4, after that, three crosswise to the slope designed Par 4 follow, which can easily be played with a good drive and a medium iron (well, the ninth Green isn’t too easy to play, after all).

On the top
Whoever managed to reach hole 10 (Par 3, Tee far underneath the level of the Green, 74 to 114 metres) and the eleventh tee, can be happy. From now on, the rest of the course leads downhill. (Before that, obviously some sweat was running, we almost forgot about that.) Not with the score: The downhill holes 11 (321 to 337 metres) and 12 (277 to 352 metres) are thanks to the coaching of a local companion (thanks Horst!) no problem. Holes 13/14/15 knot together like three sleepy cats – this is already mentioned area, where you could get claustrophobic – which makes long hitters happy: You can short cut the doglegs 13 and 14.

The finish
BludenzNEU4After a further Par 3 (hole 16, 97 to 108 metres, Green above the tee) the two signature holes at Braz follow: 17 is a downhill left dogleg (410 to 462 metres) which pin can be approached after a massive drive with your second swing. (Watch out the pond to the right of the Green). Finally, at the 18th hole, a Par 3 situated alongside the club house terrace (125 to 173 metres) across a huge pond including a picturesque rowing boat, a real “Psycho” tee is waiting; Pressure builds up from the visitors of the restaurant, who have a good look.

Some will cockily take an iron although the driver would be better – but who wants to show weakness in front of all these people? (Our way out: slice the ball to the right onto a small shoreline, but not too long, otherwise the ball will land in the bunker to the right of the Green.) After the round we agree with manager Stürz in one essential point: The fact that the boss of the Brazer restaurant “Traube”, Willi Lorünser is not only chairman of the club (one of ten) but also looks after the gastronomy – which is a splendid idea: Try it out – it’s well worth it.

Oberradin 60, 6751 Braz bei Bludenz
+43 5552/335 03
+43 5552/335 03-3
Manfred Tschol
Christoph Lorünser
Hemma Berger, Christine Stürz, Marie Luise Schramm
18 Loch
4377 bis 5105 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:


Überdachte Drivingrange mit 18 Abschlagsplätzen, 6 davon auf dem Dach der Driving Range, Putting-Green, Chipping- und Pitchingarea.

Beheizte Range:

Mo–Fr € 68,–
Sa, So, Fei € 70,–

Jugendliche €40,–/42,–

Nur Rangefee:

Patrick Bätz
63 Schläge/2007
Golfschule des GC Bludenz-Braz
05552/335 03

Roger Knight
€ 35,- (25 Min.) / € 65,- (50 Min.)


€ 370,- für 13 Stunden, ab 2 Personen (max. 6 Personen)
€ 290,- für 6 Stunden, ab 2 Personen (max. 4 Personen)
Datenstand: 2016-05-10

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