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FESTIVAL SEASON – From Bludenz a lovely street leads to the Brandnertal. Over there, directly at the main road inside the village of Brand, the golf course is situated.


Golf zwischen den Gipfeln – der Platz im Brandnertal ist eine Naturschönheit und gehört zu den spektakulärsten Anlagen Österreichs.

As inconspicuous as the club seems to be from the side of the road (probably many people of Brand didn’t realise as per yet, that a fine – but small – alpine golf is offered here) so dramatically it turns out to be at the back: Already at the first tee there is a steep ditch – not occupied by any orchestra, but the Alvier (locals call it simply “creek”) murmurs more than a damaged speaker!

Raise the curtains for 18 acts
Who played in Brand before, will favourably notice some innovations at this (old) hole. “In former days, this hole was more difficult to play”, club manager Walter Deutsch tells us, “because the distinctive fairway had a sideway slope to the left and there also was a trough in the landing zone at about 100 metres which didn’t let the ball roll at all.” In former days – this means before the extension, which has been finished in the meantime: because with the construction of the additional nine holes, all existing lanes were more or less redesigned.

When the 9-hole-course was built in 1994, only little excavation works were allowed to be done, due to environmental reasons and even bunkers were prohibited! Like nature told them the holes were fit into landscape, which made the course wild and romantic. “This time, all of that was not an issue anymore and this is why we not only build a bunker on hole 1 but also extended the 2-level-Green by a few metres”, Deutsch is contend with the reconstruction and especially praises two people: President Helmut Schwärzler and architect Diethard Fahrenleitner: “When the question was raised whether to redesign the existing holes or extend to 18 holes, there were many voices who told us, not to start something new, because the 35 acres, which we had were rather challenging for any architect.” Fahrenleitner didn’t just build another nine holes. He face lifted the whole area, designed almost only flat (but tight) fairways into the steep landscape and let only few stones apart from the last 4 holes (the former holes 6 to 9 turned into the new 15 to 18) as they were. It was not the accurate planning but the feeling of the architect which leads to this natural fitting of the course into wild landscape.

BrandNEU3 BrandNEU4

Katharsis on GSI
Who neither speaks the “vorarlberger” language nor knows about ancient literature, understands the subtitle only when he comes to hole number 4 at Brand. It is not only the absolute summit as far as height is concerned (from the men’s tee) but also in regards to excitement: It is a 217/261 metres “short” Par 4 with a scenery that is incredible (unfortunately a mist of rain covers the view on the photo on page 78), and straight ahead a ditch and a relatively tight fairway to practise praying. Lucky is, who gets heard – and who is able to hit the fairway – because the swing across another creek onto the Green needs immense precision.

An excursion to the vegetables to the right should not be punished too hard. “The bushes will carry as little vegetation as possible after the growing of the meadows, so the balls will be able to be found rather easily”, Deutsch tells slicing sinners. Only those who are greedy and who set their ball into the forest behind the Green are caught by the devil – as far as the score is concerned. The next hole too is a very successful act of the 18 parts at Brand: The tees of the 140/151 metres long Par 3 are hidden behind a picturesque rock. And here as well your motto should be: Stay straight and don’t hit the ball wildly, because right to the front of the Green as well as behind it, the show could turn into a drama. The holes eight to fourteen are placed like terraces in a big open clearing. Just for that a lot of wood had to be cleared (altogether 6 acres).

BrandNEU2In addition the club was forced to accept (almost) impossible to fulfil and contradicting constraints from different authorities. This is why alongside hole 14 a three metres wide and two metres high rockfill dam was placed at the fairway, “and there didn’t spill one drop of water out of a voluminous drainpipe, which had to be encased in concrete in order to avoid a collection of water behind the dam”, club manager Deutsch angrily mentions about the extra costs of 100.000 Euro.

At the same time he praises the good relationship with authorities and property owners. And while Deutsch is more than content with the whole course of construction works, the club members are happy about the result – most of all, because these 1.5 million Euro of investment isn’t charged via membership fees.



Studa 83, 6708 Brand
+43 5559/450
+43 5559/450-20
Günter Cavada
Geschäftsführung: Ilona Gregory
18 Loch
3619 bis 4058 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:


Mo–Fr € 66,–
Sa, So, Fei € 70,–

Sunset Mo–Do ab 16 Uhr € 40,–
Sa, So, Fei ab 16 Uhr € 46,–

Nur Rangefee:
€ 8,–

Lucas Hepberger
60 Schläge/2012
Golfschule Brandnertal

PGA John Gregory / 62,– (55 min), 34,– (25 min)
Platzreife, Perfektionskurs, Privatstunden


David Ling / 62,– (55 min), 34,– (25 min)
Platzreife, Perfektionskurs, Privatstunden

349,-- Mo.–Do. oder 399,-- Fr.–So. (12 EH)
Datenstand: 2016-05-10

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