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BABY FROM THE ATTERSEE – The GC Weyregg handles the panorama so lavishly, that everyone can take a slice home.


(from GR 3/2004)

Down from the concrete strip of the Western Highway, continue towards Weyregg. Ten minutes later, you parke in front of the club house of the GC Weyregg, a revitalized villa in Upper Austria, where once the legendary Governor Henry Gleissner spent his holidays. Get out of the car – and now your heart opens. The nine holes facing south of the village Weyregg are blessed with beautiful views of the Attersee. On fine days you can see until paradise, the farmer who owns a part of the golf real estate greets down from the tractor: no one of us could have described it in a better way.

WeyreggNEU4Nucleus of the GC Weyregg is the golf school Weyregg in Gahberg located just a few minutes away. When in the year 2000 expansion plans failed, the GC Weyregg was founded in March 2001. The sole objective of Club President John Wolf DI Schwenger: building a full-fledged golf course elsewhere. Course architect Peter Mayrhofer had little elbow room to move nine fairways onto 25 acres. On holes 1-4 it was simple: down the slope (Par 5, right edge, you aim to Weyregger steeple), towards the lake (medium length Par 3, two bunkers in front of the green), parallel return (Par 3, large Green bunker left, a blind Green hidden behind a hill), up the slope (Par 5, with charmingly shaped bunkers defended Green transferred from the left of fairway). The following is a short march to the holes 5 (Par 3) and 6 (short Par 4, dogleg left and uphill), which prowl along the slope: Slicers are poor off, their balls land in lush rabbit food (unfortunately catching bunkers are missing at the easy to play Greens, where the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency are to blame).
The 7th hole is kind of a Par 3 form, which is local in Austria for some time: Tee off on the seventh floor, Green on the ground floor (left the slope, right forest rough). At the tee on hole 8 anxious players don’t like the edge of the forest to the right: Who keeps the ball straight for the first 100 metres, or just navigates it through the towering trees on the horizon, will find enough space on the fairway ahead of him. The second shot of this par 4 (with up to 388 metres, the longest in Weyregg) must still overcome a pond in front of the Green. Hole 9, finally, as a left dogleg, leads back toward the clubhouse: Here, a pond is sitting at the dogleg knee, which can not only get in the way of long hitters.


Important PS: In Weyregg guests are surrounded by culture, it seems as if the Attersee magnetically draw artists. Therefore: You play golf with a brilliant hand and take some time before/after to find the clues. Need examples? The conductor Franz Welser-Möst and Nikolaus Harnoncourt live here (and Friedrich Gulda lived, in Weissenbach). The Piano Museum of the famous pianist Joerg Demus is waiting at Gahberg, just a few minutes away from the course. And if in the music school Florineum, which is located right on the course, the boss Flori Michlbauer leaves open the windows, you can listen to the student’s harmonica lessons. What you will remember: The exceptional location above the Attersee. To a green keeper who looks amazingly like Franz Laimer – no wonder it’s his younger brother Michael – who really pets his “baby-course”. Which swings do you need: Accurate medium iron for the Par 3 lanes. Fearless drives (two times per round forests in the corner of your eye).

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