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STEP BY STEP – The Golfpark Metzenhof near Kronsdorf takes care of itself: First, there were nine holes, these were doubled later and then the club house followed.



(from GR 3/2004)

Metzenhof guests recognize one thing at first glance: Course-designer Hans-Georg Erhardt did a good job in moving nine holes in a not very attractive area: shallow surroundings, slight hill location, topographical features zero! A course to riot as far as design is concerned, if oyu want to create something special. And so it was modelled until the excavator shovels burned. Nearly 200,000 cubic meters of earth were moved to visually separate the fairways and to accentuate the Green area nicely. Hans-Georg Erhard didn’t save on bunkers, which gives the course an American flair.

Erhard coyly: “It looks like there are a lot of bunkers, because here in Austria, we don’t use a lot of them. In comparison to international courses, we have just a few bunkers in Metzenhof.” But these bunkers, he drew as detailed as the rest of the course, which we are going to have a look at, now. At the first hole already, a 420 to 500 metres long Par 5, Erhard spreads out a bunker-tongue of a fairway-bunker onto the golf lane. Just so much, that you realize danger from the tee. Without this tongue, the bunker would hide behind one of the elephant-graves. The second hole is a strong, but short left dogleg (273 to 325 metres), where long hitter can think of short cutting over the water hazard. To make sure, you just think about it, there is a bunker on the fairway, exactly along that line. So all you can do is to be modest, take an iron number 5 and finish with a Wedge (or more). The third hole is visually a very attractive hole: This 126 to 150 metres long Par 3 has an interesting water hazard left to the Green. The extension of this hazard draws far until in front of the Green.

A course in two stages
MetzenhofNEU6The following is the longest Par 4 (330 to 398 metres) of the course where Erhardt avoids obvious meanness: The access to a large Green is undisguised, only the fairway bunker to the left side of the fairway could be a bit of danger to the game play. (But who of us is playing hooks?) The fifth hole runs parallel to the fourth fairway, also a Par 4 (277 to 330 meters). Even this hole is another fine example of successful golf course architecture: The fairway is crooked from the rough and the forest, which accompanies the hole to the left, and punishes really just catastrophically hit balls (hooks!).

But it turns tight at the drive zone because of the fairway bunkers: To cross it over or not, that is the question! Who wants to be on the safe side and hits it short, doesn’t have a hard evil hit to the Green. The sixth hole we see as a uphill Par 3 (134 to 160 metres) due to topographical reasons, which lets many golfers mug: “A hole, where you can’t see the pin, is not a good hole.” That is true, theoretically, but in reality, we experience such surprises almost on every left course. So: just take one hit more than normally, mainly to avoid the nasty bunkers in front of the Green.

MetzenhofNEU5Be aware of the seventh hole (265 to 315 metres) we recommend – again – mainly to the “hookers”: Whoever stays too far to the left, has almost no chance of hitting the Green, hidden behind a forest, with the second swing. Highlight for long hitters is finally the eighth hole: short (210 to 250 metres) and downhill. Do we see the most hit eagles in Austria here? Markus Brier, who will consecrate the course at the official opening on June, 19th, will probably just use a wood 4 from the tee. But this will just be possible during the first phase, so Erhardt, because later on the hole will be extended by about 30 metres. Back to the temporary club house you play on the longest hole on the course. This 455 to 525 metres long Par 5 has some difficulties included: skin-tight tee-shot from the back-tees and a lot of water hazards along the left side of the fairway. Kindly, Hans-Georg Erhardt left enough space for mistakes to the right. The second part of the course, the holes 10 to 18, will be built as soon as economy agrees to it (sufficient count of members), Robert Leitner explains, initiator of the Golfpark Metzenhof. There is already enough space abundant. And here as well, Hans-Georg Erhardt will swing his paint brush.

What you will remember
Massive elephant graves, nicely handled Greens and a golf course that offers lot of room for little space. Swings that you need: Length does not represent this course, rather many bunkers at the fairway and around the Greens. Anyway, you will need loads of feeling around the Greens. Thank you for the Par: hole 4 (Par 4, 330 to 390 metres) doesn’t include to many pitfalls, but the length makes this hole difficult. Best birdie chance: the eighth hole, a too long Par 3, which exists as Par 4 (210 to 250 metres), will mainly make long hitters shiver at the tee: Attacking or setting the ball? Driving Range: a full facility with one-storey range and lot of space to practise your short-play.

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Dörfling 2, 4484 Kronstorf
+43 7225/7389-10
+43 7225/7389-12
Gerhard Leitner
Melanie Leitner, Isabella Pilsbacher
18 Loch
4711 m bis 5529 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:

3 Loch
Beheizte Range:

Mo–Fr 65,–
Sa, So, Fei 75,–

Junioren 50 %

Nur Rangefee:
€ 10,–, € 15,– inkl. Kurzplatz

Christoph Pfau
63 Schläge/2010
Florian Haempel
0650/88 07 66 88

Florian Haempel
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Andy Keil (PGA Pro)
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