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HAPPY TO BE CLOSE TO THE STARS – Good putters think the ball into the hole. Therefore you need self confidence, good imagination and, of course, a passable technique.



All this I remembered when I finished the first holes at GC SternGartl successfully. Because: Even here, the ball can be thought through depth with phantasm and courage or at least past it. Straight onto the first hole, up the hill, turn right (the former disturbing corner of the forest is kindly cleared) onto the Green. At the second hole you go down on the left hand side (26 metres height difference), which presents itself as left dogleg with a crossing creek. Move straight on to a Green, which is cleverly parked at a water hazard – the one of number 3. And number 4 anyway, a downhill Par 3, which is lying at the water hazard and is hated by fear-slicers and loved by draw-players. (By the way, there is a saying: Water is true, it is the truth.) Let’s move on: We think ourselves moving past the water to the side (like at hole number 5, on the left side, there is enough of it) over the Green waves at the high above lying number six, through the bunker gap onto the Green of the seventh hole (a more than 200 metres long Par 3, pfff).

At the rather simple hole eight, our intuition is allowed to take a breath, just to be spot on at the nine: This Par 3 leads uphill over four bunkers onto a Green, protected on three sides, where a subconscious guide would be of good use. Even if a half-time-break is inappropriate (we are not in Japan as yet): it would be appealing. The club house with its distinguished spotty pattern (so called “steinbloßes” brickwork) looks as if it has been here forever. Wrong: this trilateral mansion was newly built by a third, just to meet modern standards. Just the atmosphere inside the “Hochreiterhofs” stayed old fashioned, homely, old fashioned hospitality – that’s it.

2nd half
SterngartlNEU5The second nine holes don’t fit that perfectly to the first ones, because: they integrate better into the valley landscape of the Distl creek. Even though architect DI Gerald Moser didn’t have that convincing ideas at the first half of the course (hole 5 and 8 are a bit boring), he starts to work together with nature off the ninth hole with full ambition. Very well designed are number 10, a right dogleg across the Distl creek, number 12, an uphill Par 3 with interesting Green and number 13, a short Par 4, where you have to set the drive half-blindly over a group of bushes.

The short 16, too, (maximum 300 metres, but uphill, it is played 4 iron longer) with its fairway bunkers and the blind Green has been made remarkably well. After the seventeenth hole, a fantastically bunkered downhill Par 3 with well moving Green, finally follows the eighteen: 556 metres long and such a rich fairway, that you don’t know, where to turn from the tee. Just before the Green you know again: there are water hazards and bunkers on the way. You are once again asked, to use your brains. After the round, we would like to have 3 wishes: A little bit more movement would help some of the Greens (why are most of them round like a circle?). Cultivated edges of the bunkers would be nice, too. And: contour mown fairways would show the way much better (i.e. hole 11 and 18).

The complete club
That’s when we put away the rod again – and as well, because SternGartl is a comfortable complete club: Not only the course and the gastronomy apply, but also the Pro-Shop (managed by the club), golf school (Head-Pro is speed golf world record holder Arno Lindsberg, who owns a club factory as well) and good practice facilities
And: The club cooperates with eleven hotels and pensions, which are apart from the first tee between six (Annahof, GH Hoftaverne) and twenty seven (Hotel Sammer, Romatik-Resort Bergergut) kilometres.

PS: Befriend a member, who takes you onto the course, latest at the parking lot. It is more fun and definitely cheaper, because the “bring-your-friend-green-fee” cost 15 Euro less.

PPS: In order to make sure, that your new friend takes you on the next round as well, invest your 15 Euro into one or another pint of beer at the club house. That’s how beautiful golf can be!

SterngartlNEU3 SterngartlNEU2

Schauerschlag 4, 4181 Oberneukirchen
+43 7212/213 33
+43 7212/213 33-4
Gerhard Engleder MBA
Brigitte Schwarz
Claudia Bräuer
18 Loch
5137 m bis 5670 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:

Beheizte Range:

Mo–Do € 60,–
Fr–So, Fei € 70,–

Ü55-Greenfee, Mo–Do € 40,–

Nur Rangefee:
kein Rangefee

Manfred Danninger, Reinhard Apfolterer
2010, 2007
Golfakademie SternGartl

Paul Lunson, Tel. +43 664/262 46 41


Markus Burger, Tel. +43 699/126 609 57

Datenstand: 2016-05-18

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