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FROM GENTLE TO HARD – The Celtic mystical people knew exactly, that their trees were sensitive beings and that they are blessed with different attributes.




That is where the circle of the life tree originated, a year divided into 21 periods. Similar to our zodiacs people that were born during this timeslot have different character traits. The final resting place of a Celtic tribe, found in the neighbourhood of CGC Schärding was reason enough to take over this way of thinking. And so the Club was given the name “Celtic” in 2003.

The club was founded in 1995, back then still free of Celts, out of private initiative from local economists. They are still the owner-company. But the real year of birth is 1997, when the former 6-holes-course was extended to the now existing 18-holes plus 6-holes-course. But because name alone doesn’t make a Celt out of the course, at each tee a tree of mentioned circle was planted with a memorial stone inclusive description of the character. Manager Georg Kronberger takes care of the marketing technical evaluation of this positioning and also has an explanation of the “Celtic” within the club’s name: “It just sounds better. Imagine, GC Fontana would just be called GC Oberwaltersdorf”. Yes, we understand.

They want to design the championship course even more attractive throughout the next couple of years. One example is at the 2nd fairway, where they want to extend and reconstruct the water hazard in front of the Green. The small creek to the right hand side will also be extended, which gives the hole a nicer shaping. The reconstruction of the pond at the eleventh tee is also a fixed point. There, a more beautiful basin with fountain will be created, in order to be recognised better as water hazard. At the moment, it just looks like a ranking piece of nature.

SchaerdingNEU2There is still need of the agreement of the owners for the changes at the back holes that Kronberger is thinking of: “I would like to have a classical approach with two Par 3 and two Par 5 holes, in order to have a better rhythm.” He wants to make a beautiful Par 5 out of the twelfth hole, an extra long Par 4 with Celtic shrine, landmark of the Celtic golf course, with small changes. To do so, the thirteenth hole will change to a Par 3 and for hole 15 a new Green will be built. “At the existing fifteenth Green we are going to play a Par 3 again.” A result of this would be a lot of air for the eighteenth hole, which Kronberger would love to integrate into the existing 6-hole-course and make a nice 9-hole-course out of it. This decision will be made in summer.

Celtic master
Let’s turn back to the “big” course, where length from the tee still is one of the main criteria. Another one are the roughs, where in this case the Green keeper is in charge. Depending on the way he mows, he can chose between easy and hard; however, the rough feels like a collection bag – whatever is inside, is gone forever. This happens with a higher priority, when the Alps Tour comes to visit (this year from July, 27th to 29th). To win in Schärding, is a good sign by the way: The German Tino Schuster, winner in 2005, was only one year later allowed to tee off with Tiger Woods at the British Open. If this is the Celt’s fault?

Professionals of a different kind are a special concern of Kornberger, whereas the handicap has a special meaning in this case. The disabled championship, a tournament from the European disabled golfers association took place in Schärding four times already. “We are in good hope to hold the European championship of disabled golfers in Schärding”, Kronberger happily says. By the way: The Celtic golf club has bought a disabled trolley out of donations and the help of the surrounding communities. This almost 18.000 Euro expensive machine can be rent like an E-cart and should also give people, who are tight to a wheel chair, the chance in having beautiful experiences at the golf course. The festivities for the 10th anniversary at Celtic golf club Schärding were well celebrated with an Irish Brunch for members. Especially for this event, the brewery Kapsreiter has made a Celtic brew. Optically and as far as taste is concerned this dark beer matches the golfer brew by 75%, which is available at the club restaurant until the end of season (or until they run out). Kapsreiter has export contracts to Ireland with its famous “Landbeer” and is a real concurrent to Guinness. On that note: All the best and “Sláinte”.

Maad 2, 4775 Taufkirchen
+43 7719/81 10
+43 7719/81 10-15
Karl Danninger
KR Ing. Hermann Haslauer
Ernestine Weissenböck
18 Loch
5310 m bis 6034 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:


Josko Academy Course 6 Par 3 Bahnen von 90m bis 156m

Beheizte Range:

Mo–Do € 62,-
Fr–So, Fei € 70,-
6-Loch Academy Course € 22,–
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+43 7719/81 10

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