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MATURE PLANS – Günter Obermayr has transformed immaculately the parental farm to a golf facility with his golf resort Kremstal. Since the opening of the 18-hole-championship course the course with 27 holes has made a step up towards the first league in Austria. The whole-hearted hospitality, the urge for independency and the love to distil were kept by the family, Christian Wolf discovered.


(aus GR 3/2009)

Father and son, Georg und Günter Obermayr, owners over the golf resort Kremstal invited him to their sanctum – the liquor-cellar. The old walls of the square estate have absorbed the fat, ripe smell of the fruity essences for centuries and it offers a rich olfactory potpourri, which you can escape only with difficulty. One floor above the farm was changed into the clubhouse and restaurant, the centre of the building. The heart of the liquor production is a surprisingly small boiler, underneath a fireplace, above it strange devices, connected by metal pipes. The magic of the distillation is done under high pressure, so the welds are solid and the wall thicknesses of the brushed surfaces thick. „My new copper catalyst saves me a whole step,“ said George Obermayr, president of the Golf Resorts Kremstal and senior farmer on Bergergut, which in turn serves as the namesake of the 18-hole championship course. The tour takes its final at the lovingly decorated tasting room. As in a library, the highly concentrated treasures are stored here. While in one corner mouth-blown designer bottles wait for tournament winners of honourable competitions on the opposite side you find large double-litre bottles with crystal-clear fruit brandy close together. The crocheted tablecloth is protected by a transparent plastic film.

KremstalNEU4The hosts pour a few shots, sit down and start to tell. „The liquor is like a golf course,“ says George Obermayr, „really well, he is only with the years. What I like best is my pear brandy. It has been ageing in oak barrels for seven years until I bottled it, so for the yellowish hue.” That the Obermayr have the knowledge in burning liquor, everyone admits, who has ever been working with essences. The maturation of their golf course, father and son have expertly executed. When in the early 1990s Günter Obermayr took over the magnificent farm from his father, it is clear for the studied farmer that he needs to attract new business. For years he worked as a ski instructor and cottage tenant in winter tourism, and now he wants to build a sport facility on his land. Golf announces itself as „the next big thing“, and so the first – self converted – Public Course on a sunny hillside above the Kremstal opened in 1990. „We were really fanatical. Me and my friends nothing could stop turning our golf rounds”, Günter Obermayr remembers the pioneer days.

Real values
KremstalNEU5With unbridled diligence and lots of blood a bold project developed to success. In 1993, the admission in the ÖGV is done, three years later it expanded to 18 holes. Since 2003, the Kremstal Golf Resort offers 27 holes – practically, because there are always 9 holes open to members and green fee guests at major tournaments. „Of course, many were sceptical initially, but we have worked well economically. Until today I was able to double my property. We have bought the farm next door, ancestral home of my father’s family. These are values that everybody understands, „Gunter Obermayr explains life as a golf course operator.

The spacious facility is divided into the 9-hole course „Scherndlgut“ (Par 70, 5.226 metres) and the Championship Course „Bergergut (Par 72, 6.257 metres). The easier to play „Scherndlgut Round” benefits from the favourable position towards the south. The season starts early in the year and extends well into late autumn. Only golfers of the first hour will recognise the layout of the old Public Course. The 18-hole „Bergergut“ Round extends completely flat on the elevated plateau. Each of the nine holes leads into a corner of the facility, from there back to back right to the point of departure. Uninspired routing with lined up holes remains missing. Many spots of golf resort Kremstal provide a breathtaking view of the Alps. The lines of ridges, forest and grassland boundaries act as harmoniously as if they were sprung from the imagination of a painter.

Water-rich streams and rivers wind through the valleys. Again and again, scattered square estates and churches peep out of the green sea of trees. Thanks to the exposed position, with the horizon on bunker edge height, a game feels like a panoramic flight over the Alps. Alpinists detect classic summits from the Great Priel over the Dachstein to the Traunstein. Especially with foehn, when southern winds blow away the haze, the sharp rocks appear at your fingertips. At best vision distance even crosses of the summits should be recognizable.

Spending more time
A landscape so beautiful, and a position so exalted, that you want to stay longer. In the ancient vaults of the parent house you will find the exquisite restaurant. In good weather conditions, guests can end their round on the spacious terrace next to the putting green. Who wants to spend several days in the golf resort or settle down for longer, Günter Obermayr has created opportunities such as holiday homes and apartments. Next to the driving range a small holiday village around the central pond is grouped. Great Packages include green fees and accommodation in comfortable rooms and apartments, which may prove to be advantageous in several ways – especially after a tour through the brandy cellar.

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Am Golfplatz 1, 4531 Kematen/Krems
+43 7228/76 44-0
+43 7228/76 44-7
Günter Obermayr
Günter Obermayr
Sabine Mitterbaur
Kurs A+B
18 Loch
5044 bis 5872 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:

Beheizte Range:

Fr 12 Uhr–So 15 Uhr, Fei €80,–
So 15.10 Uhr–Fr 11.50 Uhr € 70,–

Kinder bis 18 Jahre € 15,–
Jugendliche bis 25 Jahre 50 %

Nur Rangefee:
€ 8,–

Golfschule Werner Stöckl
+43 676/880 764 03

Werner Stöckl
25 Minuten € 28,–


Christoph Schreiner, Herbert Karl
25 Minuten € 28,–

2-tägig. SA+SO von 9-13 Uhr (ab € 79,-)
€ 149,-
Datenstand: 2016-05-17

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