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ONLY SNOW IS MISSING – If there is an opening of a new golf course in one of the most beautiful suburban villages of Munich, in Kitzbühel, obviously many celebrities will show up.



But if the Kitzbühler golf course named Kaps, reopens, absence will be a socially deadly sin. This is why this introduction of the course looks like a celebrities’ show – we hope you don’t mind. To tee off with the “golden ball” even the chairman of the board of the german shipping company (Arkona AG, A-ROSA), Horst Rahe, turned up. Together with him, Toni Sailer (honoured President of GC Kitzbühel), Franz Klammer and course owner and designer Max Graf Lamberg teed off the golden golf ball at the opening. Everybody managed to hit it, which made Klammer happy, who remembers a weird situation:” My golden gall at the opening of the GC Schloss Frauenthal was discovered only ten years later – in the thick forest by a mushroom seeker.” What is special at these nine holes of Kaps, Max Graf Lamberg already described for us at an exclusive round (Golf Revue 7/2005).

KapsNEU3Here the executive summary: There are nine excellent fairways placed around the new A-ROSA hotel. One round is enough to fall in love with Kaps thanks to distinguished optic (water, bunkers) and heart-tearing views (i.e. seventh tee). The routing is similar to the previous course, but Lamberg has redesigned (this was possible due to the excavation material left over from the reconstruction of the hotel), technically modernised (fairway irrigation plants, drainages) and the holes were adjusted in a way, so they are now state of the art as far as strategy is concerned. The especially arrived celebrities (many of them actors) rated Kaps more over the quality of the hotel (breathtaking five stars in style of a fairytale castle including all in wellness facility), the opening gig (Hubertus Hohenlohe with his band Royal Disaster) and over the celebrity chefs (Markus Bischoff from the hotel restaurant Bischoff at Tegernsee and Eduard Hitzberger from Arkona hotel Ftan at the swiss Engadin let people look over their shoulders). Sports- and playground.

Real golfers though raved about the quality of the fairways and Greens, after the opening scramble, although the course still needs some time to rest after the reopening. Klaus Nierlich, amateur-record-holder and Austrian champion:” Really interesting fairways, less slopes than the previous course and very nice Greens.” Ex Davis Cup player Robert Reininger: “Very nice layout, but it could be a little bit more challenging – maybe they thought too much about the guests of the resort during reconstruction.” Toni Sailer:” Looks far better and is technically more challenging, although the old course had more character.”

Franz Klammer:” Very elegant and many original solutions of detail.” President of the club, Martin Kerscher:” Old course and new one are like day and night – members have now got a real modern course.” Max Graf Lamberg accepts as well that Kaps old was a classic course, which reputation will be reached again in two, three years – but you can’t deny the advantages:” At the old course you had to deal with power poles, safety nets and paths which lead directly through the course. As far as safety and security was concerned the owners were permanently one step away from criminality.

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