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BEST TIME FOR 25 YEARS – Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm. Rasmushof. The trinity of alpine ski sport, target of all paparazzi, is also a big issue in the world of golf.


(from GR 3/2003)

Not as far as length is concerned – in this case, the course got itself really tame even after the extension to 2798 metres last year. In regards to celebrities, the GC Rasmushof is definitely absolutely one of the top clubs. No matter if Beckenbauer, Muster or Becker – whoever is well known in the high society is golfing at the most famous finishing ski slope on earth during summer time. History of the 9-hole golf course started at Rasmushof in 1978, after the sell of the last cow, which can be considered as really visionary. Not the sell of the cow, of course. The Rasmushof was, easily deduced, an agricultural farm, before the mansion was changed into a hotel in the early 70ies and finally adding on a golf course four years later. There were several hurdles to take before the course, which lies exactly on the finishing slope of the Streif, could be built.

One of the funniest was, that the railway had to be convinced, that misplaced golf balls wouldn’t endanger any train drivers at the near by western railway trail. Even the Austrian golf Association was overstrained by the over-casual manners, presented by the initiator and owner of the Rasmushof Klaus Reisch with his project golf course and golf. Back then, they changed in short notice their statutes in order not to be forced to take the GC Rasmushof as full member. “This all happened a long time ago,” Signe Kramheller-Reisch, daughter of the initiator and tough boss of the hotel with golf course access said. She lives the speed of ski racers in her hotel business and this is why she didn’t have the time yet to start golfing – too much time would be lost here. So she rather takes care of her three children, the welfare of the customers and is a perfect host.

For golf, there is the position as a golf coordinator – the first of its kind, as the boss wants to mention. Peter Gandler, in former days working as a manager at the Golf club Kitzbühel-Kaps, takes care of everything concerning golf at the Rasmushof nowadays. Gandler:”Whatever is needed by one of our customers, starting from tee-time at the Rasmushof or other courses up to the playing partner. I take care of that. And you can believe, when I tell you that no question stays unanswered.” We love to believe that.

RasmushofNEU2 RasmushofNEU3

Good bye to Player
A short time ago, the golf academy, named after the black knight Gary Player, was renamed. Signe Kramheller-Reisch’s opinion to the unlucky experiment: “This just cost us money, and only once a Player was here and this was Gary Player’s son Wayne. He was there for the 20th anniversary of the GC Rasmushof. That was about it.” But even without the name “Player” there will be high quality lessons in golf at Rasmushof, the boss promises.

The access to the sport of golf was always a comfortable one at Rasmushof and was orientated at the british model of pay-and-play-lessons, without enrolment fee or obligation to be in the club. “This is why Rasmushof played a big part in the golf boom in Kitzbühel,” Signe Kramheller-Reisch tells with pride, “and most people of Kitzbühel, who are still playing golf nowadays, started at Rasmushof.” But Rasmushof had not only to fight against the golf association but most of it against natural forces, which over and over again destroyed the course. In 1977 the course was flooded, in 1986 there was a lot of damage from the strong winter at three Greens and in 1992 there was no mercy from a herd of cows, which grazed on the fairways and Greens of the club. Works at the snow making facility for the “Streif”, which leads over the ninth fairway between the seventh and eighth hole during winter times, could damage the course but at the end of the day all hustle turned out to be well worth it:

A further investment into the extension of the course pays out after all the troubles: Since this year, the Rasmushof has made peace with the ÖGV, not only because this sad history is over and done with, but because the necessary length of the course was reached with the extension of the holes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 to be rated and to be able to host tournaments.

Hermann Reisch Weg 15, 6370 Kitzbühel
+43 5356/652 52-53
+43 5356/652 52-49
Signe Reisch
Signe Reisch
Golf- und Landclub Rasmushof
9 Loch
2352 bis 2798 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:


Chipping/Putting Area, Driving Range

Beheizte Range:

18-Loch-Fee 9-Loch-Fee
18-Loch Mo–Fr € 35,–
18-Loch Sa, So, Fei € 41,–
9-Loch Mo–Fr € 25,–
9-Loch Sa, So, Fei € 31,–
Golf Alpin Card
Nur Rangefee:

Golf- & Landclub Rasmushof
05356/652 52-53

Sean O`Connor € 50 / 50 min


Colin Hodgsen € 50 / 50 min

€ 1.357,-- inkl. 7 Übernachtungen mit Halbpension im Rasmushof Hotel Kitzbühel
€ 1.438,-- inkl. 7 Übernachtungen mit Halbpension im Rasmushof Hotel Kitzbühel
Datenstand: 2016-05-04

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