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MARBLE, STONE AND IRON BREAKS – 6.542 metres ambitiously designed by the well known architect Keith Preston and a fantastic all around panorama on almost 1.000 metres sea level…


MiemingNEU1The new 18-hole-course at the Mieminger Plateau marks a new milestone in the golfing landscape of Austria. Thomas Weidinger can sing some songs about that after his round. If you ever want to build a golf course, Josef Knabl, initiator of the new championship course at the Mieminger Plateau has one important hint for you:” Tell neither the designer, nor the construction company, that you want to transport rocks to the golf course rather than away from it. Otherwise it could happen, that people think, you are crazy.”

The client of the project was able to persuade his companions Franz Pirktl (from the Top-Hotel Schwarz) and Dr. Otto Thaler from his idea, to place a certain stone from a different region of Tyrol at each tee off. This thought hit him during a round of golf in La Gomera, where volcano stones pepped up the course optically. The Mieminger Plateau, a sunny region in the Tiroler Oberland close to Innsbruck, is surrounded by mountains, “and these are not just nice to look at, but tell a story millions of years of age, which should be mirrored on the course,” so Knabl. At each tee stones in various forms and colours are waiting for golfers and the birdie book explains interesting tales about their age and origin.

I love to be in the mountains…
MiemingNEU4Standing at the first tee, a feeling of awe comes over me: The massive impact of the surrounding mountains and the Eklogit from the Ötztal, aged around 530 Mio of years, let me feel really small – and young as well. This fact gives me extra energy which I will definitely need on these 18 holes – the course has an incredible 6.542 metres of lengths from the white and 5.416/6.120 metres from red/yellow. All fairways lie in a 70 acres large pine forest (directly next to the already existing 9-hole-compact-course). “That was the biggest challenge for the architect”, Knabl says, “because he could not work, like usually, with a detailed topographic mapping. Actually, we were standing in the middle of a rain forest!” The planning including negotiations with 30 landlords and environmental impact assessment took between four to five years (according to Knabl it was the first assessment in regards to a golf course in Tyrol). Kick off was finally in February 2007: about 32 acres, almost half of the total area were cleared. In top days, about 900 trees are cleared, all together about 350.000 square metres of mud were moved. The construction alone cost 3.8 Mio Euro and you can instantly see, how much feeling and consideration on nature was put into this shaping: The fairways are perfectly accentuated and are supposed to mirror the forms of the mountains in the background.

The forest aisles look very structured on top of it: sometimes loosened up, sometimes very tight. In addition to that, natural ditches and mounds give variety to it – each hole has its own character. Most of all, the stunning panorama, which presents a photo background, due to its small trees, makes it difficult to concentrate on one single “favourite hole”. A city-person, who is not used to such mountains, wants to make a picture at each fairway – especially at holes 12 and 18 (each a downhill Par 3) and the 9th panorama-Green (large Photo)! In order to make these wonderful attractions available also to non-golfers, a hiking trail was built. Therefore, the refreshment station at a sea level of 995 metres is also available for wanderers.

The first time it hurts…
MiemingNEU5From the tees, some of the holes seem more dangerous than they are at the end of the day: Especially at the tees 2, 6, 13 and 17 your knees might shake at the first hit. But when you continue forward, you realise, how pleasantly wide the fairways really are and how the cleared edges of the forest easily release lost balls. However, the terrain doesn’t forgive really bad hits, because deeper inside the forest, the juniper bushes get really thick, and it is very important to keep control of the swing. The course is probably easier to play for average golfers than for single handicap players, who want to take the risk, to short cut one or another dogleg. Especially hole number 8, a 268-320 metres (red-white) short, but tricky Par 4 with a very beautifully placed Green, which could be worth a try to drive for hazarders. While the first nine holes tend to lead slightly upwards in order to reach the refreshing station at the highest point at 995 metres, the second nine lead slightly downhill, back to where you came from.

So, there is no chance of just playing half a round. “But if you really want to play just 9 holes, you are more than welcome to use our compact course”, Knabl explains. Optically and layout-technically perfect, the up to 40 metres long Greens present themselves! Bedded with lots of feeling into the landscape, they show gentle to hard undulations and all around you will find tricky modulations most of the time. Almost 70 bunkers (4 of them alone defend the sixth Green, even though Preston really planned 6 for this 421-513 metres long Par 5!) challenge the risk tolerance of mainly better golfers, but there is always a “safe” entry for high handicap players as well.

You will find water hazards only at the 9th and 18th hole. “Government only allowed these two lakes”, Knabl explains, “and it’s ok, because they wouldn’t fit  into the landscape and there are already enough challenges as it is.” Acoustic “hazards” are also to be expected at some fairways, because some pastures border the golf course – i.e. while we were standing at the 9th tee – the cows curiously obey our golfing and comment it with noisy “moo’s” and bells. You feel like being in the alps – no car, no noise as far as you can see. Only forest, mountains and lots of rocks!

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Obermieming 141e, 6414 Mieming
+43 5264/53 36
+43 5264/53 36-11
Armin Kogler
Martin Thurner
Gabriele Aichler
18 Loch
5490 bis 6592 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:

9 Loch
2550 bis 2818 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:

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Championshipcourse € 87,–
Parkcourse € 53,–

Kinder & Jugendliche 50 %
Ermäßigte GF für Nächtigungsgäste der Region

Golf Alpin Card
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€ 14,–

Golfschule Mieminger Plateau
+43 5264 6105 55

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Datenstand: 2016-05-04

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