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PANORAMIC GOLFING ON TOP LEVEL – Happy birthday, Achensee! The scenery of the Karwendelgebirge has been there for millions of years, and since time wise unimportant 75 years, the full green landscape of the GC Achensee garnishes this picturesque world of mountains.


Imperator Maximilian is considered as pioneer of the Achenpass with its romantic mountain lake. In the 1550ies he founded the flourishing hunting tourism with the construction of the Fürstenhaus in Pertisau. The Fürstenhaus, nowadays, is used as a hotel and appears as the centre point of tourism in that area and also in history of the golf club Achensee. It still lasted a few centuries though, before golf turned out to be a topic: One of the numerous myths is, that the Earl of Canterbury, who used to be a regular guest at Fürstenhaus (and film producer) produced a murder mystery at Achensee in 1934 and needed a golf course as scenery.

AchenseeNEU4He went to Leopold of Pasquali for that strange request, who couldn’t help him in that short time, but who realised the unbelievable perspective of a golf facility there. As former Managing Director of the TIWAG (Tyrolean Hydroelectric Power AG), he is a very influential actor of the upcoming Achensee valley. Next to the hydroelectric power plant in Jenbach, down in the Inn valley, which gets the water from the Achensee, the land owned company for electricity runs as well hotels at the lake, a cruise line and the lovely rack-railway, which takes the guests up from the Inn valley.

Pasquali starts to put the first pins onto the mountain meadows, all under supervision of golfing guests. “In the beginning, there were just international golfers and a few engineers in boiler suits. It was only after the war, when locals , most of them businessmen from the area, started to like golf”, Leo Vittur, golf pioneer remembers the time of foundation. Vittor, aged 96, is honoured member of the GC Achensee and presented at the jubilee celebration, together with the youngest golf generation, a moving proof of passing on tradition at Achensee. With 25 members, the first tyrolean golf club moves into the years of war and was one of the first clubs in Austria, which could restart the season after 1945.

While during that time the new clubs in Innsbruck-Lans and Kitzbühel-Kaps attract the celebrities,  the club in Achensee stayed down to earth. Only the tees and Greens were taken care of, the rest was done by cattles. “Golf in Pertisau was very original until the 1970ies. The Scottish farmers used to play on sheep meadows, we played on cattle meadows”, Walter Lamplmayer tells. He advanced from being a Caddie in Lans up to joining the national team of Austria. Even despite these strange playing conditions, the best players back then appreciated the course in Pertisau.

Quality never gets old.
achensee5grThis historical substance is still one part of the fascination “golf at Achensee” today. After the first reconstructions in 1995 and the extension to 18 holes in 2004, the old holes are still easily to recognise. Shorter distances with its tight layout ask for a different kind of golf play than the fantastic championship holes designed by Diethard Fahrenleitner. The round starts in the middle of the village, like at its very first routing. Soon after, you are in the middle of the loosened mountain forest, which creates a park landscape with its different kinds of trees. Over and over again, the easy lines are interrupted by wonderful linden and old pine trees. Another thing that didn’t change is to cross twice the dried out bed of the creek river – over 20 metres wide after all.

It is not always easy to concentrate on the golfing, regarding the impressive panorama. The endless lonely conservation area of the Karwendel adjoins to the golf course on the western side. On the other side, separated by the lake, the Rofan Mountains raise majestically. Wherever you turn, at the close horizon, massive rocks climb literally from the fairway to the sky.
The scenery here is pure insanity. Guests, as well as long existing members are over and over overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape”, Stephan Eberharter (handicap 4,5) describes the qualities of his home course. The Olympic champion of Salt Lake City in 2002 and three times world champion at the world championship in Saalbach-Hinterglemm in 1991 has also put his print down as club master at GC Achensee in 2007. “In general, we have very fast Greens, but especially the Greens of the old nine holes is a real challenge. If you don’t play carefully, you can easily pick up three putts, when there are wild breaks”, Eberharter comments the condition of the facility.

With its 15.000 green fee guests per year the golf club cannot be neglected anymore off the portfolio of the sport region Achensee. Sometimes, members have to step back a little, due to the presence of enormous amounts of visitors, but therefore the golf club looks towards future with solid financial fundament. We are looking forward to the next 75 years.

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Pertisau 35 c, 6213 Pertisau
+43 5243/53 77
+43 5243/62 02
Mag. Martin Tschoner
Bernhard Brunner
Angelika Salvenmoser, Karin Felbermayer
18 Loch
4942 bis 6105 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:

Beheizte Range:

Mo–So € 80,–

Jugendliche bis 18 Jahre 50 %

Golf Alpin Card Leading Golf Card
Nur Rangefee:

Alexander Kopp / Thomas Kirchler
67 Schläge 2012 / 2014
Thomas Fankhauser / Isidor Schaffer
+43 5243 53 77

Thomas Fankhauser, Isidor Schaffer
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