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ABSOLUTE BAHNSINNSGOLF – Station Mariahof at the southern railway line of the Austrian Railway company is not only the highest station in Austria (only regional trains stop here, timetables under www.oebb.at), but also the only one with an adjoined golf course.



And what a golf course that is! The back holes, to be precise the holes 11 to 16, are counted as one of the most spectacular holes in alpine golfing in Austria. Mariahof started their planning of the golf project about the same time as Murau-Kreischberg in 2003, but the reorganisation of the company took 2 years.

These problems are solved now, others, like getting enough land together never existed: The total surface area of 70 acres is owned by one single person – a farmer, who will definitely harvest several balls from adventuresome tiger line golfers at the 7th hole, where the fairway turns around his farm.

Travel fever
Die 18 Loch-Anlage des GC Mariahof ist der sportliche Schauplatz des SAAB 4Ball Challenge FinalwochenendesThe dramaturgical basis starts slowly in Mariahof, but increases drastically at the second 9 holes, not only as far as sea level is concerned. First highlight is hole number 5 (Par 4, 336/377 metres), where you have a wide view of the elevated tee: All the way on the back you can see the Zirbitzkogel, right in front of that the village Mariahof with distinctive church tower and just left off the tee you find two ruinous farms, which soon will be substituted by some on-course-apartments.

A second treat at the first nine holes is the peninsula Green at the ninth hole, a 462/504 metres long Par 5. This hole is played slightly downhill, so you can just about avoid the water hazard – because architect Wolfgang Haluschan (he designed some “remarkable” holes also in Radstadt and Haugschlag) has not only built the Green as a peninsula Green, but also enough grass around it as well. This is why approaches, which can only dream of hitting the Green, still stay on dry grounds.

Full speed at the back nine
Natur pur am GC MariahofAt fairway eleven the journey really kicks off directly to the sky: This double dogleg Par 5 with 430/465 metres is a real adrenalin-kick, please light your cigarettes later! Who ever survives the extreme ascent with out of bounds to the left, followed by a biotope in the knee and a forest to the right, can relax a little bit on the next three holes. The fantastic view at the 12th Green helps a lot for that. The fifteenth hole, again, is rather tricky: An incredible all around panorama and a tee-shot downhill to the valley, which you can enjoy for a long time, thanks to the height-difference.

The next approach at this Par 4 (360/400 metres) leads to the Green, which lies romantically in front of a mushroom forest. Here, at the “snuggle corner” of the golf course, you can let your golf-soul tangle. Then, once again, steeply uphill to the sixteenth tee, which has a mountain panorama like “cinemascope” (don’t forget to breath), before you hit the drive (Par 4, 300/330 metres) over a hilltop almost until the Green. We can also hammer the balls at the last two fairways, a long Par 3 (170/210 metres) and the final Par 5 (475/520 metres). Next year, you will be able to enjoy the sunset and the golf course from the terrace of the club house – but you will just not get enough of it – but at least, you will get enough to eat there.

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