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Lived solitarity – It sounds strange, that a village, known and accepted for winter sports, mainly at the younger population, is suddenly betting on golf during the summer months.


But it just sounds strange, as chairman Karl Fussi explains logically: “We want to extend the season with the golf course.” And this means in this occasion extension for five to six months. The region around Murau is known to some holiday makers in summer, but there is certainly no damage to an upgrade due to tourism. The golf couse definitely has the making for that: charming tracks with easy to handle slopes at the beginning as well as sophisticated fairways, which promise a balanced mixture of fun and severity. It is thanks to the interlocking of many different and decisive wheels, that the golf course, which had some attempts and almost as many refusals, has been finally planned and built in record time. One of those wheels is the president of the GC Murau Kreischberg, Alfred Koch, who works as director of the bank institute Raika Murau. He is one of the most important supporters – himself being a fanatic golfer. Koch: “I always had to travel to Lungau in order to play golf and even have been vice president there. As soon as the project in Murau became real in 2004, we instantly took part.” – meaning the bank and himself. More than 50 local enterprises and eight communities around Murau also participated in the project. With this financial support and the main (financial) part of the Murtal Seilbahnen Betriebs GMBH, the necessary 2 Mio Euro for the construction works was quickly gained. Fussi: “It was unbelievable, which fantastic us-feeling developed there. The negotiations with the land owners as well as the environmental impact assessment were done in record speed. BH Murau and the government of Styria worked perfectly together on that occasion, which positively needs to be mentioned here. We started off in 2004 and this August there will be the soft-opening already.” How harmonious the whole project was, is also proven by many details: The golf club, which is separated into two halves, has direct connections to the public transport network. The train, which regularly runs, stops directly in front of the club house and the station is called golf course Marbach. Fussi: On top of that, we have the opportunity to use the steam train, which also works on that trail, for tourist reasons. We are now able to take golfers from the neighbour village St. Stefan, where most of the hotels are situated, at tournaments straight to the golf course and back with the 100 year old train. Instead of cannons, they use the signal horn of the train during tournaments with cannon start.” Directly behind the club house, built by the company Horega and in which there will be two apartments for golfers’ available, golf holiday makers can stay at the Zechnerhof and spend a quality holiday at a farm there. Head chef Hans-Peter Gruber, son of managing director of Horega Johann Gruber, takes over the restaurant and a multiple priced distiller from Murau, Mag. Gerhard Soukup works as Green keeper (he also has an academic diploma). His passion for distilling Soukup already proved on the course as well. Several fruit trees were planted in order to create a unique golf-course bottling. “It is going to take a few years until the trees carry fruit, “ Soukup asks members and Green fee guests for patience.


Onto the round


One look is enough to realise that this course, planned by Diethard Fahrenleitner and Barbara Eisserer, is part of the program “fun with the game”: the start is tricky and asks for sophisticated play from the tee in order to survive the strongly right-bend dogleg without damage. To the right a final rough lurks for the slice and who ever plays it too long has no more chance to hit the pin. After that, 2 holes remind of Adamstal: two tight, but nice Par 4 holes lead to the lowlands and only small hills show the necessary selectivity. Don’t let the name fool you: Kreischberg has nothing to do with mountain and valley golf but works as a well known trademark for the “recollection-effect”. The playing surface was for the architects Fahrenleitner & Eisserer ideal typical and apart from the first hole, when they argued over the fact if it would be a Par 4 or Par 5, the meadows were given. Barbara Eisserer, for example, fancies the eighth Green as the “craziest” Green of her designer career: With the amount of waves it seems like a washing board, but of course is not to be played like that. There are just some little jumps on it.” In total, both architects like the holes 10, a short, lovely Par 4 and hole 7, a Par 3 with lots of water hazards including the landmark of this course and the region: wooden palisades – the region around Murau is also called the world of wood, has a wooden road and a wood museum – divide the water from the Green. And finally, the holes 9 (Par 4) and 18 (Par 5), which are separated by a large pond, which gives lots of dangerous moments, will quickly burn into the brain of golfers.

Am Golfplatz 1, 8861 St. Georgen ob Murau
+43 3537/222 21
+43 3537/222 21-4
Dir. Alfred Koch
Mag. Karl Fussi
Mag. Sophie Kunze, Monika Autischer, Kristina Trippl
18 Loch
4769 bis 6002 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:

Beheizte Range:

Mo–Fr € 68,–
Sa, So, Fei € 74,–
Steiermark Golf Card Golf Alpin Card
Nur Rangefee:
€ 7,–

Lukas Pirnbacher
Peter Scott
Pisti’s Coaching - Golf Akademie
0664/394 91 67

Wolfgang Pistotnik


Eva Steinberger

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Datenstand: 2016-05-04

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