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MYSTERY SOLVED – An insider’s tip is only secret as long as it is not told in a magazine or newspaper.



Reiting has been one of those insider’s tips, even at the time, when the club only had nine holes: Permanently in perfect shape, layout very sporty (let’s say very loooong  and with some very tricky fairways) not too populated, because it is away from the touristy centres.

Reiting12Too late:  After the club has extended the course to eighteen holes, these criteria were given away. And by now, the golf community knows as well, that the newly built nine holes make the course even more interesting to play, because they were designed very spectacularly. Take hole number 2 for example, a Par 3 with Scottish-like defended Green (bunker!), lies on top of a hill almost at the highest point of the course, head to head with the mountains of the Niedere Tauern. The close to each other placed Greens of the holes 10, 12 and 13 with lively bunkers and a small pond seem like being taken out of a designer’s worksheet. And holes 14 and 15 with a lot of water hazards around the Greens are rather fun than anger: The signature hole in Reiting is hole 15, a medium long Par 3 with a peninsula Green. Mystery solved: Go and tell everyone!


At first sight
From the beautiful club house you can only oversee the first part of the course, which is placed on a gentle, sunny hillside. The second part uses former sour meadows, which appear like a massive biotope… an at second sight: interesting green landscape, many strategically placed hazards (water, bunkers), partly wide, partly tight fairways, optically interesting tees – in Reiting you definitely need every club in your bag and every type of swing. The caring of the course is perfect as well: a fantastic team of Green keeper’s is working in this tough, snow-rich area.

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