604 GC Loipersdorf [0]

COLD-HOT WATERGAMES – Highest quality and best caring standard on 27 holes over the whole season – and the season is long – from March until December.



This was the target for the ambitious reconstruction, which was planned in 2 steps. In 2001, nine of the existing (built in 1990) 18 holes were restructured and nine holes were added. Responsible for design and reconstruction was Hans-Georg Erhardt, who realised Fontana as well. The work is now completed with the re-launch of the last nine holes: Three equally equipped nine-hole-courses (“red”, “yellow”, “blue”) make four different rounds in combination. Five tees per hole challenge long hitters from white and seniors from blue equally interesting and fair.

The costs for the last nine holes were as high as the whole 18-hole-course reconstruction 15 years ago – 1,2 mio Euro. “Back at that time they build very economically”, golf club manager Peter Kospach says: “Nowadays, quality counts and for this, a good watering is obligate!” More than 500 sprinklers (each manageable via computer) and 25 kilometres of pipes take care of the perfect wetting of the course. Cold and hot experience is not only guaranteed by the spas in the area but also numerous water hazards in the natural river plains.


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