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I AM THREE CLUBS – GC Salzburg Eugendorf Fuschl Rif is, you can see it at the name, the only Austrian golf club with three facilities.



It’s all very well for the members of the GC Salzburg. A cleverly equated fee system makes it possible to place everyone interested in golf accordingly. The ideal way of a rabbit could look like this: starting at the driving range and at the golf academy in Rif. 250 tees, target, chipping and putting Greens plus a tricky 9-hole course make every beginner, providing ambition, soon ready for step two, Fuschl. This 9-hole course opened in 1967 and is one of the most traditional courses there.

It lies between the hunting chateau Fuschl and the lakefront and its slope guarantees fantastic views into the Salzburgerland. A round of golf, nevertheless, becomes a sportive event: A beginner, too, will have fun there, but a good score will only be achieved with tactical and precise game play. The third “level” of the GC Salzburg is the facility in Eugendorf, opened in spring 2000. Planned as championship course, Eugendorf not only challenges with its length, but also with its varying fairways. Course architect Peter Mayerhofer had corners of forests, slightly raising slopes, ditches and biotopes to use and when there was no more landscape, he planted artificial ponds, which lead to spectacular water hazards.

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