341 Schüler GC St. Pölten [0]

ELITE TRAINING CENTER – The lower Austrian Schüler GC St. Pölten is the latest “baby” in the GC 2000-group and Chairman Alexander Paul is planning on doing something really big here.

“The basic idea is an elite training centre, but without pressure of performance. Meaning, that beside real top talented players also less talented juveniles finds their home here.” Kids should be amongst themselves and simply enjoy playing golf. A big motivation is certainly the membership fee: Up to the age of fourteen, the annual fee is 99 Euro, up to 21 years of age (maximum age of membership) 199 Euro. Home course (better school yard) is the “Schlosskurs St. Pölten”. But they have also the right to play at “GC 2000 Gold Course” in Tullnerfeld (18 holes, Par 65).

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Datenstand: 2013-02-10

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