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EVERYTHING NEW ARROUND THE CASTLE – The first act starts with a smooth birth: A bank plays midwife in 1988 and gives birth to the 65 hectare big area, which belongs to the aristocratic family of Auersperg.


The surrounding of the castle of Goldegg, close to St. Pölten, is made for a promising future: An elevated position with beautiful panorama was laid into the course’s cradle and there are forests, hills and free areas definitely made for nice gameplay. Bitter corners of forests alternate with open-wide fairways. On one side, this asks for golfing tactics and challenges, on the other side it lets you have a wide and open game. The castle of Goldegg, as godfather, doesn’t just give a grand name but a dignified touch as well. To cut things short: There was justified reason of joy – before start of construction. Around 60 millions of Schilling (about 4.36 Euros) later, the child was in a very bad mood. Not only was the course seen as “cheaply built” but the club house and the infrastructure as well left room for questions. Serengeti fairways, strange Greens and scruffy roughs brings an unhappy childhood to the course, almost without any friends.

Act 2
At the age of 5, Goldegg was adopted to a new family. But despite big ambitions and announced investments of 750.000 Euro (10 millions of Schilling (!)) the course stayed a child of sorrow. Some reconstruction of the course and even the redesigned club house including its fine restaurant cannot erase the existing deficiencies. At that was left from the high engagement in green keeping, which was accompanied by the extension of the machinery pool, were top-quality machinery in a poor state and a desolate watering facility. On top of that, there were problems much bigger than the problems of normal puberty: The owners of the landscape (family Auersperg) set action of eviction, which resulted in communication with the tenant only via lawyers. This chapter ended in concurs of the operating company. The only good thing in regards of the operating company is, that it was still possible to play golf at that time.

Act 3
In April 2006, the GC 2000 group purchases the facility and founds NÖ GC St. Pölten in the same year. It is too late now for a golden “Goldegg-age”, because the architectural deficiencies could just be erased by a global redesign. This would not only be unbelievably expensive but also unnecessary, Alexander Paus, owner of the GC 2000 group, says. “Most of all, we could lift the quality of the course back to top standard with the help of Jeremy Pern (architect of the Gold- and Diamond Course at Tullnerfeld). Some holes are made brand new, some were changed to be more interesting. Finally the facility not only scores with its fantastic surrounding but it will be enhanced with a 9-hole-course in Jeremy-Pern-Design”. I have to put a hypothetical question now – what would design coryphée Jeremy Pern have done with a virgin Goldegg-area to start off with? “Just imagine a Diamond Course in this fabulous setting”, Paul answers. At the 9th tee (former drive 16 and highest elevated position of the facility) I click my split tongue: This Par 5 with 434 metres downhill seems far too short – but the view over St. Pölten, the wonderful park and the hanging beeches as eye and ball catcher at the fairway let my heart jump, and I agree with Paul: a few elements in design could have catapulted this course into one of the top squad of the Austrian golf ranges.

All in all the park course is far more interesting to play after the redesign. This has to do with the reconstruction, but much more with the condition of the course, which is an eye-catcher and still withholds the second or third fat hit. Round about 2,5 million Euro floated into the reconstruction, which took place from January to autumn 2007: Damaged tees and Greens were repaired and partly sowed – for example the very battered 15th Green – and caring measurements not only take place just on paper. (Invisible) core at Goldegg is the watering facility, which was just meant to be at the tees and Greens in phase 1, because these areas used to be arid. Measurements revealed, that the Goldegg creek has enough water and this is why the pond was built much bigger in order to water the whole course – obviously using the latest technology including selectable sprinklers.

Because of this, the originally planned financial volume raised from 1,8 to 2,5 million Euro – in regards to the future, definitely well worth it. You can’t talk about the lacks of the old course anymore. The only weak point, sorry to say, is hole number 17 (former hole 8): Uphill and breaking to the left, there is just the chance for the best golfers to hit the platform directly from the tee, which you should reach for a reasonable 2nd hit. So all that’s left, is a blind hit towards the Green. The reconstruction of this hole would have been too costly, Paul says. Compared to that, very satisfying are the two Par 4 lanes number 3 and 10. One hole uphill (3) and one as up-down-dogleg (10) and both have perfectly placed Greens. The new 2nd hole, a Par 3, is nice, too, even though you have to play it uphill. New as well: the fantastic training area next to the 18th hole (former number 9). The “rolling” driving range leads slightly uphill, and ends in wonderful (real) target Greens and perfectly cared of tees. These are just open for play three days per week (definitely at tournaments), but we don’t mind the tees from the matrices at the rest of the week. The golf academy (with Head Pro Markus Kraller and assistant Frankie D. Young) is not less opulent.

Thunderstorm in a glass of water
So, the golf course in St. Pölten turned from a crisis shaken juvenile to a man, which literally stands “au jus”. And it has already got new blood with the 9-hole “Schloss-course”: Small (let’s say short), but good, this Par 60 (2.712 to 3.080 metres) course is a real designer treasure box! The holes of this course are really challenging and live of the fantastic landscape setting. Outstanding golf lanes and “picture-holes” (don’t forget your camera) are the downhill holes 8 and 9 with beautiful views onto the castle, the fruit garden and the countryside. The weakest hole is – out of budget reasons – a relict of inherited issues: The former 18th hole (Par 4) changed into the 3rd hole of the course, with invisible elevated Green. This is like a sin of construction, because you can just play it blindly and it lays there like a rock instead of opening up to the front in any possible way. This Par 4 was shortened to 235/202 metres and has at least one advantage: good golfers hit a drive onto the Green and for weaker ones it is easier to play. Conclusion: Whoever doesn’t believe that “length is everything”, is going to have a lot of fun here and maybe even count this course to one of the best 9-hole-rounds in Austria! Even though the driver club has to stay inside the bag – Jeremy Pern has created a thunderstorm in a glass of water here.

Goldegg shows itself fully refined from mistakes made in the past. It started with an original drama, which was good in scenery but bad in content, then changed to a nice development novel, which, beginning with Chapter 3 makes me look forward to a sequel.

Goldegg Golf 1, 3110 Neidling
+43 2741/73 60
+43 2741/73 60-9
Mag. Johannes Goess-Saurau
Mag. Jochen Wernicke
Brigitte Pock, Maria Bertl, Martina Dock
Park Kurs
18 Loch
Par 72
4894 m bis 5491 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:


10 Überdachte Abschlagplätze, Zielgrüns mit Naturrasen

Beheizte Range:

Mo–Do € 56,–
Fr–So, Fei € 66,–

Schüler & Studenten bis 26 Jahre 50 %

Nur Rangefee:
€ 6,– inkl. 24 Rangebälle

NIkolaus Wimmer
69 / 2011
St. Pölten Golfakademie
+43 2741/73 60

Erich Pandjaitan 1* Professional
25 Min. € 35,–
50 Min. € 60,–


Spencer Mallalieu
25 Min. € 28,–
50 Min. € 50,–

bis zu 9 Std., max. 6 TN ab € 99,–
bis zu 8 Std., max. 6 TN ab € 99,–
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