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SCOTTISH FOR ARTISTIS – Schönfeld is well known – no doubt. This course had enough time, to establish in the minds of Austrian’s golfers after all.


Der Wind, der sandige Untergrund und das makellose Layout sorgen im Weiten Land für Links-Golf-Stimmung.

The steady wind, the sandy soil and the strong layout give this course a very linksy touch.

They have become fond of the Hauser-Course, which is proved impressively by more than 600 members and a considerable amount of Greenfee-players. Since October 2004, the golf club has been sailing under a new flag, and the three new Chairmen – Andreas Hausammann, Robert Fiegl and Hans Zillinger – are doing a real clear-out. The trio is full of ideas and enthusiasm, especially the main Chairman Andreas Hausammann, who finally reached the end of his dreams.

“I always wanted to run a golf club and after six long years of negotiations, it finally became reality, “ Hausammann happily admits, a man, who is part of the golf scene for a long time. Amongst other things, he managed golf-pro Niki Zitny at the beginning of his career. Now, the golfer with handicap 8 is full of ideas, of which some were already set into place: The small 9 hole course was extended, rated by the ÖGV and is now seen as a classical beginner’s course. For as little as 69 Euro, you are now able to play golf at “Schönfeld 9”, as the outsourced club is now called, for one month including 3 hours with a coach and, of course, equipment to rent. Hausammann about the idea behind it: “We want, that many non-golfers at least take a look at the sport. And playing golf for a month for just 69 Euro, is really not worth talking about. Whoever doesn’t like it has no big loss, but who loves it…”

Schoenfeld4Let’s have a look back to the beginning of the golf club, initiated by Kommerzialrat Karl Schmid: Schmid, owner of several laundries in Vienna, was sick of dirty laundry and dashed into golf. Number 1: finding a location. A suitable terrain was found in the north-east of Vienna, where the archdiocese of Vienna loaned sufficient amount of acres to Schmid until the year 2060. The brothers Hauser were asked to design a golf course out of this flat area, which they did marvellously. The mounts in between the fairways are not dominating, but sufficient accented, the Roughs are kept in background and the Greens are bravely undulated. Wind, that found its home at Schönfeld, takes care of the “left-feeling”. Bad luck for Schmid: He build the course at a time, when golf was just about to become popular, but wasn’t just yet. That is why Schmid had to put extra money in, out of his own pocket, more than to his liking. So what to do? Sell.

Schoenfeld3The first try of take over through Andreas Hausammann in 1999 didn’t work out, neither did the second try in 2001, where even the members should have been involved. Then, finally in October, 2004: Schmid didn’t want to sell anymore, Hausammann still wanted to buy. Hausammann: “Mr. Schmid has done a lot for the club and really earned his retirement.” And so Hausammann, Zillinger and Fiegl took over the club, that has a sound club life available, which is a result of the decentralized location. “During tournaments a core of up to 100 golfers stays in the club house. Where else can you find something like that?” Hausammann asks. This circumstance needs to be treasured, so in the run of reconstruction, the caring of members was intensified. On the website, golfers should virtually find together and start a “flight for two”, in August there will be an open house including a fashion show at the “bring your friends” tournament, every second Friday, opponents will be found by drawing randomly, and not filtered by handicap and so on, and so forth… Andreas Hausammann calls it – raising communication between club and members.

Schoenfeld2Apropos Hausammann: The former Flaga-Owner takes his job as main Chairman more than seriously. He has extended and brightened up the Pro-Shop, so “you can present the equipment much better”. And he also wants to mention, that the assortment of soft- and hardware is similar big as the one in the big golf stores. Most of all, he is fond of fashion. His favourite piece: Lindeberg. And whenever Andreas Hausammann is fed up with all the calculation in his office, he takes his seat downstairs at the cashier’s of the Pro-Shop and sells Greenfees or golf balls. Also the restaurant, led by Hans Zillinger, had a facelift. Just a few small little changes, we are just talking about a change in bolstering and curtains, makes it all so much brighter and friendlier. The personnel always had been like that. That is why there is no change in the kitchen crew, the head chef is still called Peter and the “Schinkenfleckerl” are still top of the league. You can say “Haus(am)mannskost” to order, supported by a well-filled wine store, with lots of Austrian specialities. Do you need a palate tickler? Umathum, Sabathi, Polz, Jamek – whatever you like.

The only thing missing is the adaptation of the old dressing rooms and bathrooms. But even in regards to this, the trio is already planning everything: We can’t do it this year, because to do it, we need a timeslot where you can’t play golf, so it will be during the winter months. To have a little foretaste on the newly planned wellness area, a masseur will be at the golf club from now on every Saturday. Before we take a look at the course itself: Schönfeld has a big heart for children, who are allowed to golf free of charge up to the age of 12, clubs included. A real role model as far as youth work is concerned. Now back to the course: For everyone, who know the course as a reminder, and for everybody else as an incentive to tackle the 40-minute-trip from the centre of Vienna. It is definitely worth it. The inland-left-course is a well known fact as well as the wide course has its danger zones.

But a fact, that not everybody knows, is: Simon Mechtl, former Fontana, takes care of GC Schönefeld for several years by now and has already changed a lot to the better. The previously neglected bunkers now have a sharp edge at the corners; the Greens gained speed and stability and rose to top league. Now one can have a better look at the cosmetics: The former dodgy routes are now either a fine grass carpet or made of bark mulch. A lightening-protection-house, classical style, with balcony and flower pots, was built. Really nice. And whoever knows, how quiet it is in Schönfeld, knows as well, how relaxing a round of golf can be played here – as comfortable as the entire club.

Am Golfplatz 1, 2291 Schönfeld/Marchfeld
+43 2213/20 63-0
+43 2213/20 63-1
Andreas Hausammann
Andreas Hausammann
Inge Lajza, Karin Hausammann, Maria Zillinger
18 Loch
5151 m bis 5854 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:


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Beheizte Range:

ab € 40,–, nähere Info siehe Clubhomepage
Nur Rangefee:
€ 10,–

Sepp Straka
+43 676/339 10 02

Paul Baker
25 Min. € 30,–
50 Min. € 58,–


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Termine und Kosten auf Anfrage
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