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FEAR EATS UP SCORE – If Brian O’Donovan knows the piece of work „Fear eats up soul“from 1974, I first question myself and then him.


GC Brunn: High Class designer-golf and easy to reach from vienna’s citycenter

GC Brunn: High Class designer-golf and easy to reach from vienna’s citycenter

The Head Pro denies it, but knows exactly what I mean, considering the soft and smooth alley of trees at the second tee – because straight after the opening hole, the situation changes and it gets pretty tight in Brunn/Gebirge. Literally taken. The 415/449 metres (red/yellow) long Par 5 awaits off the yellow tee to the left a row of trees, to the right “out of bounds” is waiting. Two fairway bunkers in the drive-landing-zone give long hitters a hard time, on top of that are two small ponds at the middle of the fairway and finally you also have to hit the island Green.

O’Donovan, against expectations, doesn’t give me a lesson in course management and doesn’t give me the advice, to be content with a bogey by playing long and avoiding the hazards with short irons. “You don’t need a Pro on this round – your common sense should tell you that”, so the Irishman concludes. Of course, he didn’t directly say it like that, he rather described it in a friendly way. But he put this message across. “What do you think of during your swing?” O’Donovan asks me. “Well, that I try to hit as straight as possible, because of the tightness”. “Rubbish!” – This as well, he didn’t say word by word, but definitely meant it – “your mind must be empty during your swing. Before that, you check your grip, check your position and imagine where your ball is going to land.


Do you see how much space there is? No tightness, no problem! And now, you just think about how your ball is going to fly.” Having thought like that, this Par seems unspectacularly easy to me now. I just remember the rich fairway and the blossoming island of flowers.

Easy swing, easy score
Hole 5, a 117/143 metres long Par 3, is another eye-catcher: Water hazard to the right of the Green, a bunker to the left and an alley as nice frame to the tee. My fear of tightness has disappeared, but now I am afraid of hitting the Green. O’Donovan knows my thoughts. “Most important thing is, to have trust into your swing. Imagine you play your favourite hole: there is no bunkers and no water hazards.” At the wrinkles on my forehead he knows, it doesn’t work out for me that way. “In difficult situations you need to slow down your gameplay. Maybe take a different club (e.g. iron 5 instead of iron 6) but most of all swing nice and easy. Speed and rhythm is the key to success here.” Said, not thought, but done: My nice and easy swing with an iron 6 flies high through the sky and lands exactly on the fore green.

This turns out to be another easy Par, not to say a very easy one. Very important, O’Donovan explains to me, is the correct warm up before each round. First easily swinging and finally practise exactly just the swing, which is needed at the first tee, because that lifts your self confidence for the complete round. Before that, concentrate yourself and play ten putts in different distances on the putting Green – to get the feeling for the ball and to relax before the first drive. Just then, you can enjoy the whole round from the beginning.

At the 7th hole (left picture) for example, I don’t regard the claustrophobic trees anymore and realise for the first time – thanks to O’Donovan – the hills of Maria Enzersdorf behind the golf course: “Isn’t that Toscana-view fantastic”, the Pro encourages me, and off my ball goes – through the middle of the tight lane to the wide open fairway. And hole 11, a 306/381 metres long Par 4 with island Green is now one of my favourites. Like many holes, thanks to their distinctive layout, settle memorable and sustainable my golfing mind. “You always say “but” in life – “but” – everything stay the same”, director of film Fassbinder lets his protagonist say in earlier mentioned movie. From this round with a Pro onwards, no more “buts” and definitely no “ifs” – only beautiful pictures of beautiful golf lanes in my head and nothing at all during my swing. Almost.

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Rennweg 50, 2345 Brunn am Gebirge
+43 2236/337 11
+43 2236/338 63
Chong Ho Rhee
Claudia Siebenhandl
Brigitte Kolarich
18 Loch
4801 m bis 5460 m
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Mo–Do € 75,–
Fr–So, Fei € 90,–

Kinder & Jugendliche 50 %
Studenten bis 25 Jahre mit Ausweis 30 %

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