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A LOT OF SPACE AT THE LAKE – 18 & 9: The GC Moosburg Pörtschach celebrated it’s 20th birthday with a new name and a new logo. On the other hand many other things thanksfully didn’t change.


In the Natural Park of Moosburg, easily accessible from Pörtschach and Klagenfurt, is the golf course which takes you on an unforgettable round of golf.

From Golfrevue 4&5/2006

I know Carinthia from the day I was born. Round about half my age, 20 years ago, GC Moosburg was born. The start was a bit dodgy, because the golf club was named Golf club Austria Wörthersee, which led to a lot of confusion.

In any case, you may look at the project in Pörtschach as visionary, it was the third golf course of Carinthia after Dellach and Bad Kleinkirchheim. Back at that time the felt ball was still “en vogue” and the golf ball was looked at as odd. Also with me: In my imagination, golf was still light years away. Then the light years became shorter down six normal earth years and the golf club in Pörtschach became my second Austrian Internal course, after Klopein, which I ploughed. My recollections are good, most of them, anyway. For example the Buschenschank (wine restaurant), which still existed at that time (and also now, after a longer break, opens from case to case), straight after the downhill Par 3 (hole 4). There I could do my “girlies” for moderate prices (in cider). Or I remember the Eagle-Bar, right after hole 18, which most of the time prevented a move to hole 19 – a high chance of staying out boozing! Or I am thinking of a teacher, who just started with golf and loved to take the trolley onto the Green.

Back then, we didn’t take golf that seriously, which was a good choice. The course itself counted even then to one of the serious courses with highly sportive ambitions and was a rather crispy one to play. Though the technical development of clubs and balls has given us some extra metres and, at the same time, seemingly shortened the course in the run of the years virtually – it still doesn’t make it any easier to play at all. There were not a lot of changes during the years, which you can see either positively, or negatively. Fact is, that club restaurateur Werner Fischer still cooks sensationally well, owns a splendid Vinothek, but still rather scores with the Greenfee guests. The members prefer the earthy Eagle bar and Eddie, the factotum, rather than the top-class kitchen in the club house. In any case, I know from my own experience, that the Eddie’s toast is the best one in the country, even though I really loved the perfectly al dente cooked pasta with chanterelle by Mr. Fischer. But as they say so nicely: To every little animal its own pleasure.

Golf guide
The place has been ageing throughout the years – for a golf course quite a positive sign though. What this design-technical piece of jewellery still lacks, is the last grinding as far as the cultivation is concerned. The Fairways, traversed by carefree relocated drainages traversed and optically transformed into a wash board, could be mowed with more affection. The Greens are missing speed and smoothness. In addition small flaws, like drainpipes, rise far from the water out of the ponds.

Strange: When you look at the academy on the 9-hole-course, which belongs to the main golf course, everything runs perfectly. Maybe we should suggest a transfer of technology within the club itself?

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the big course has good opportunities. Gunther and Gerold Hauser, two brothers with architectural background, have laid the fairways very smoothly into the old marshy landscape. Soft to hard buckled Doglegs stamp the character and some Holes invite to risky short cuts.

For example at hole 4, where you can save a good 50 metres of the tee by crossing the left buckled Dogleg over the fairway bunkers. But: As a right-handed hitter, you shouldn’t hit a hook, otherwise you will be out of bounce and will have to reload. Same happens at hole 8, a slender Par 4 with 318 metres, if you take the short cut on the right across the lake hitting a slice. At least: Almost 100 metres of space profit are included. For long hitter, hole 17, a 475-metre Par 5, can be also shortened extensively: Who ever can place the drive perfectly between the trees, which are standing there for about 170 metres, has only about 180 metres ahead of himself, but also a pond between himself and the Green. The less dangerous diversion leads around the left of the pond. An optical highlight is, amongst others, hole 3, a downhill Par 4, which is bounded by forest to the left, but lets less well hit balls, thanks to an embankment, if played on the right hand side, happily bounce onto the Green.

Also hole 14, a definitely hard to play Par 4 with a biotope in front of the Green, is smart one straight from the tee. In any case, you have to be careful: Straight from the first hit, you have to be concentrated. Whoever targets too far to the right, doesn’t have a chance anymore to reach the Green, and on the left, out of bounds is waiting. The following Par 3 is not less tricky to play – slightly downhill, but still 180 metres long and also protected by water. The final is quite comfortable if you disregard hole 17. Hole 16 as well as hole 18 are short Par 4 holes, where you can make up for lost score, at least a little bit.

Golf academically
Pörtschach is also for beginners a wonderful course, thanks to the permanently improving academy. In the old days, there were just five holes offered, which had artificial grass on it, so the “rabbits” couldn’t make too much damage. Nowadays, you find a nice, well cultivated 9 hole course with lots of space at the driving range and all the rest of the training facilities. You rarely find a place that lovely to learn the small ABC of golf.



Golfstraße 2, 9062 Moosburg
+43 4272/834 86
Peter Schrott
Ernst Tscherteu
Sieglinde Hasitzka, Katja Pregl, Helene Duss, Tamara Pirker, Silvia Jäger
18 Loch
5137 m bis 5862 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:


Unsere Golfakademie ist mit 3 ausgezeichneten Trainern besetzt. Vom Einsteigerkurs bis zum VIP-Kurs bieten wir alles an.
Unsere Anlage bietet sowohl Anfängern als auch Profis ein „Schönes Spiel“!

Beheizte Range:

Mo–So € 75,–
9-Loch € 35,–
Alpe Adria Golf Card
Nur Rangefee:
€ 5,50 inkl. 30 Rangebällen

Golfakademie Moosburg
+43 4272/834 86 16

Jonathan Mills
25 Min. € 30,–


Freddy Sieker, Marco Lamberger
25 Min. € 28,–

ab € 99,–
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