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RUN- AND FAIRWAY NUMBER 8 – Just in time for the anniversary festivities, the face-lift of the course, lasting more than two years, was finally concluded.


Located on the southern shore of Lake Wörth, GC Dellach is embedded in one of the most impressive scenic areas of the Alps-Adriatic region.

From Golfrevue 3/2007

In this process, dangerous tees (hole 9,10 and 13) were defused by correcting certain fairways, and by building new bunkers (14 and 15), as well as a new Green at hole 7 (Par 3), these holes have in addition won more tension. „I would still like to have a few extra changes, for example, the transfer of the 16th green and the 17th tee“, the managing Vice-President of Dellach, Hellmuth Reichel, says, however, all in all, he is more than content with “his” course.

Above all because the course presents itself – for many years – in a fine state: The Fairways soft like a Persian carpet, the Roughs wiry like horsehair and the Greens fast, as usual. „Every round in Dellach is a challenge, although I have already finished several thousand“, believes Reichel, who scored a Par 66 (-5) as best round, on the course of his home club.  It is the credit of the former Austrian top golfer, that the multi-millionaire Heidi Horten is available as president of the club. Her husband, department store king Helmut Horten presided over the club for many years as a president. “In 1979, after the death of president Christine Maresch, the club could win Horten as a new chairperson“, Reichel explains, who was one of the closest friends of the generous multi-millionaire.

To start off with, Horten invested 25 million schillings, established a new club house, which made the old legendary timber house finally redundant. „There had not even been a shower in there, but, nevertheless, it had a certain cosy touch to it“, Reichel remembers with pleasure. Horten stayed president up to his death in 1987. „Money never played a big role here; what ever was necessary, Helmut made available“, according to the likeable official who is also active as vice president of the Austrian hockey record champion KAC.

How it all began
During the „Golden Twenties“ a certain Major Foster, who owns a brewery in England, is looking for a sensible leisure activity at the Wörthersee. He believes, that golf is a good idea and inspires two aristocrats, Baron Knorring and Count Hoyo, for his plans. A golf architect from France (Crystof Noskowski) is looking for an ideal area and is able to find it on the south shore. In 1927 nine holes are opened, the course in Dellach is third in Austria. In the same year the three „inventors“ founded the golf club Dellach in the legal form of an association.  In 1931 the Austrian golf association was founded – founders are the members from Dellach, Lainz and Semmering. In 1936 it comes to the establishment of the wooden club house, next door the famous golf hotel is built, because Major Foster could not accommodate that many guests in his house and didn’t want to either.

The golf hotel served as a hostel for international industrialist as well as the high-level nobility from here and foreign countries. Though during the years of war between 1939 and 1945 the course was used again as a grain and potato field, the farmers kept small green areas and thus a little golf could also be played during these years. After the war the royal Army took care of the course and got it reconstructed again. In 1954 Ernst Leitner took over the club as a manager and secretary, Hans Maresch became president. The wife of the chairperson was the leading force for the expansion to 18 holes, which was completed in 1969. In 1970 Maresch dies, his wife Mrs. Christl assumes the office. She attaches contacts with the economy, brings in a good level to the club and makes every tournament a party. Even nowadays, GC Dellach still knows how to celebrate, the last big event, was the change of the club house in 2003. President Heidi Horten funded the reconstruction and the party with the help of a live concert of Wolfgang Ambros.

80 years are a long time to collect purring and VIP. It is not surprising, that the guest list of KGC Dellach reads like the Who-is-Who of the big celebrity world: In the 1930s the duke of Windsor also visited Carinthia with pleasure so did King Alonso from Spain. In the 1950s the prominent guests loved to land with a sports airplane on the eighth hole (today’s 14) to turn afterwards a comfortable round of golf. Names like Bing Crosby, Heinrich Harrer, Walter Röhrl, Thomas Muster, Willi Kapsch, Ingrid and Friedrich Flick, Alfred Auersberg, Hanns Haas, Professor Nicki Böhler, Hubertus von Hohenlohe, Martha and Johannes Kyrle, Franz Klammer, Uschi Glas, Ottfried Fischer or DJ Ötzi are only a small extract to VIPs, who honoured and still honour GC Dellach. Werner Grissmann, the so called “lap time champion” left a big impression as well: On hole 18, to the famous 190-metre-long Par 3, he pulls the ball with the Driver directly on the club house terrace and smashes one of the big panoramic windows.

With all celebrities Dellach also has a lot to offer as far as sport itself is concerned – and this for decades: Long time being one of the leading clubs in Austria and decorated with numerous championship titles, the club still holds a high level in top golfers.


Golfstraße 3, 9082 Maria Wörth
+43 4273/25 15
+43 4273/25 15-20
Heidi Göess-Horten
Gerd Eiper
Christina Gaggl
18 Loch
5017 m bis 5604 m
CR Gelb:
CR Rot:
Slope Gelb:
Slope Rot:


Pitchinggrün bis 60m
3 Übungsbunker
1 großes Puttinggrün

Beheizte Range:

Mo–So, Fei € 80,–

Schüler € 40,–
Studente € 56,–
Sunset € 40,–

Alpe Adria Golf Card
Nur Rangefee:
€ 7,00

Daniel Moretti
65 Schläge/2012
Cunningham Golf Academies

Kevyn Cunningham, Tel. +43 664/105 25 20

50 Min. € 70,–


Rowan Hunkin, Tel. +43 699/194 197 48

50 Min. € 60,–

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